When I am job hunting, will it cost me money to use WorkingInJapan?

All of the services are free of charge.

After registering, what should I do?

In the next step, you can use the given tools and services for free.

  1. Profile Video Entry => Recruiter will be able to see your appeal points, and you are likely to be scouted by your company of interest.
  2. Job Application Video Entry => Answer questions asked by the company. You are not limited to just introducing your skills written in the resume, you are able to show your enthusiasm to work for them.
  3. Favorites List Entry => Companies will be notified if you have included them in your favorites list.
  4. Managing your messages => You can communicate with companies you applied for in your mail.
  5. Mail Subscription => New and featured job notices will be sent to your mail. You won’t miss a thing!

What is a Profile Video?

It is your self-introduction video displayed on your profile. In this video, emphasize on your skills and strong points. Make sure to give a strong impression, because this is where recruiters will pay most attention in. Of course, you can use your mobile device to create and upload your profile video.

Are there job listings for work outside of Japan?

Job listings in WorkingInJapan are mainly ones that offer careers in Japan. However, there is a possibility for work outside of Japan too.

I currently a college/university student. Will there be any job openings for new graduates?

Yes, recruiting companies are looking for new graduates as well as individuals who are looking for a change in career paths. New graduates who want to change work locations after several years are also eligible to apply.

How often do you update your job listings?

We update job listings at any time. We will notify you via email when a job opening matches you. Am I able to use your service through other devices? Our services are accessible through PC and smartphones.

What are your system requirements?

  • ■ For Windows (Vista/7/8/10) - Latest version of Google Chrome
  • ■ For Macintosh (Mac OSX) - Latest version of Google Chrome Latest version of Safari
  • ■ For Iphone users - Latest version of iOS Latest version of Safari
  • ■ For Android users - Latest version of Google Chrome

I have forgotten my password.

⇒Change your password

I have forgotten my User ID.

Your user ID is listed in your WorkingInJapan notification emails.

I did not receive any email to renew my password.

If you have entered the right email address, there are still other possibilities. Please check your spam folder and your email configuration settings. If trouble persists, please contact your mail service support center.

How do I withdraw from my account?

For cancellation of your account, please contact the management office.

What should I do if I want to change my registered email address?

Please refer to your email address settings. ⇒Change your email address

My job application does not seem to be going through. What is wrong?

If the following message displays “Currently, this job does not accept any applications”, your application has been registered. Even if the message says application acceptance has passed the deadline, your application will still be considered. Please do not worry.

What form of correspondence should I expect after applying for the job?

The result of the screening process will be sent to your inbox. We will include the direct message from the company you applied for. Make sure to check the email you registered with WorkingInJapan.

The company I applied for says I passed my screening process, when is the best time to give a reply?

We recommend you to reply on the same day. Whether it is about the schedule adjustment of an interview or time availability, please reply as soon as possible.

If I would like to withdraw from an application, what should I do?

It is recommended that you notify the person in charge of the recruitment process explaining your situation. After that, please make sure you withdraw from the the application on the website.

Why haven’t I receive any replies from the companies I applied for?

Usually, the screening takes approximately 1 to 4 weeks to process. It may take awhile, so please wait until you receive a message.


If your question is not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your question is not in the FAQ section, please send us your question to admin@WorkingInJapan.jp. ※ Please send us detailed information based on your question. ※ Contact hours are on weekdays. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reply you on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Thank you for your cooperation.

What type of salary deduction for people working in Japan ?

3 things will be deduct from your salary  National Health Insurance material (kokuminhokenryo) or social hoken material (syakaihoken), employment hoken (koyohoken) and  income tax (shotokuzei) for more information about calculation please http://hokenstory.com/shakaihoken-simulation-salary-average-rank-list/